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Automatic Gear Expert

Post by BonBon » Tue 28 Mar, 2017 19:16

Is there an in- house transmission expert?
My auto 1.9 transmission just died - GM P/N 96018240 (F36 SG also written on label)
I have been offered a 96017506 and a 96018242.
Is there a simple way/resource/reference to find out if either one matches?
Any insight would be appreciated as I'm in the middle of the boondocks as far as on hand breakers parts are concerned.

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Re: Automatic Gear Expert

Post by colb » Wed 29 Mar, 2017 08:29

Quick search on the web using the part numbers came up with these ... 0-96017506 ... 967?_ul=BO ... 2102003070

Looks like 506 came from BMW Series 3 E36 316i 318i M43 engine.

242 from E36 318i and 318ti 1997/8

Not much help for you as the used ones are in USA.
No doubt someone will be along with more knowledge on suitability of a replacement.
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