Cruise retrofitted!

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Cruise retrofitted!

Post by Grello » Thu 06 Apr, 2017 17:18

Just finished the cruise control retrofit. About an hour for me too and works a treat straight "out of the box". A fantastic and straightforward add-on which will take some of the strain away on our upcoming trip to Bavaria.

If I can do it, so can anyone with a little bit of DIY.

Strut brace has arrived today, too. Much excitement!


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Re: Cruise retrofitted!

Post by motco » Thu 06 Apr, 2017 17:56

Yes, it's easy of the fly-by-wire models. The hardest part is finding the hidden connector taped to the loom. Mine, also on a 2.2i, occasionally doesn't respond to a command, but after a stop and start it usually does.

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Re: Cruise retrofitted!

Post by gookah » Thu 06 Apr, 2017 18:42

yes mine does that on occasion... works fine for 99% then an odd occasion it wont activate. I have to switch off and back on again...

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Re: Cruise retrofitted!

Post by lightning » Thu 06 Apr, 2017 20:38

Fitting cruise control is easy on the later Z3 with electronic throttle. It took me less than an hour to do mine and as above it worked perfectly.

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