Matching Tyres on 1999 S50 M Roadster?

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Matching Tyres on 1999 S50 M Roadster?

Post by platform » Tue 23 Sep, 2014 21:14

Hi to everyone.
My query is a simple one that all the experts on here should be able to answer very easily (I hope!)

It is this:

I've recently bought this car and I think it's superb in every respect! The 2 rear tyres are getting ready to change/ renew NOW.
The 2 front tyres have another 6k miles of useage before change is required. All tyres, front and rear at the moment are Pirelli PS2s.

Providing I meet all the criteria of the rear tyres in respect of size and speed rating etc. Is it safe (or otherwise) to keep the Pirelli PS2s on the front axle and fit a different tyre brand on the rear wheels

Absolutely, I know you should not mix brands on the same axle (front or rear) but is it necessary to have the same brand of tyre on all 4 corners of the car?

Thanks for any and all views / experience you may have.


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Re: Matching Tyres on 1999 S50 M Roadster?

Post by Jonttt » Tue 23 Sep, 2014 22:28

I always try to keep the same tyres on all 4 corners but the original wheels on mine when I got it were mixed front to rear. They were fine. Nothing wrong in doing it but you are adding an extra dimension of complexity in mixing brands.
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Re: Matching Tyres on 1999 S50 M Roadster?

Post by Mike123 » Tue 23 Sep, 2014 23:17

My personal opinion is that tyres are the most significant factor with a Z3M's handling, and I would definitely recommend a matched set, both in terms of make and tread depth, but it obviously depends on whether you plan to push the car's limits. With the differing sizes you can't swap front to rear to even the wear.

A set of four Falcon 453s will be similar in cost to two new Pirellis, and suit the car perfectly - if you're pleased with the car now, you'll be amazed with the difference that a balanced set gives!

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Re: Matching Tyres on 1999 S50 M Roadster?

Post by Phil » Wed 24 Sep, 2014 19:49

I would agree with Mike123 and not mix brands. I had terrible problems when I mixed Michelin with Eagle F1s some years ago.
Our cars are very sensitive to tyres and tyre pressures.
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