Z4 3.0 Bi-Fuel Petrol/LPG

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Z4 3.0 Bi-Fuel Petrol/LPG

Post by Zim » Tue 26 May, 2009 11:37

saw one of these on a site over the weekend, but cant seem to find out any more information about it? does anyone have any experience with these? what is the performance like etc..


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Post by indizee » Fri 26 Mar, 2010 08:39

I dont know Zim, but i picked my Z up yesterday, and I'm thinking of doing LPG. Performance is reduced very slightly, but pretty unnoticeable...apparently. They do say that fuel consumption equivalent is 10-15% less than on petrol.
I have researched it as I was meant to get a XK8 but got a Z instead. And happy that I did. Wife has a MG ZT-T V6 which I want to LPG to give her some instant fuel savings=money in her pocket.
It is DIYable, I have a few LPG providers willing to check and certify my installation. I have my local garage ready to do the drilling and tapping of the manifold(so i dont muck it up) for £50.
Only obstacle I have (as i was expecting to get a XK8) is fitting the toroidal in place of the space saver (external underslung issues(resolveable)) :)

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