daytime running lights

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daytime running lights

Post by skidkid » Sun 22 Jun, 2014 04:21

Can anyone tell me what lights are on if you turn this function on? Is it halo's or head lights?

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Re: daytime running lights

Post by Southernboy » Sun 22 Jun, 2014 08:40

That all depends where you have the circuit connected.. If you connect it to the ignition switch circuitry, they will come on when you start the car... or if you connect to the side lights, the light switch will need to be moved to position 1. That will also light up the side lights and tail lights. I have mine connected to the side lights since I also have my Garmin / GPS on that circuit. It's habit with me to turn the lights on when I start up to go, but I would like the choice of not having power draining from the battery in an emergency situation where that power needs to be conserved but I require the ignition on.
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Re: daytime running lights

Post by Alan W » Sun 22 Jun, 2014 10:55

I was thinking of installing these but then I read that to comply with UK law (and therefore the MOT) they have to dim when you turn the headlights on. I have found one company on eBay that include a little box with their lights which when wired in detects the headlights coming on and automatically reduces the power to the running lights.
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Re: daytime running lights

Post by Mike Fishwick » Mon 09 Mar, 2015 11:49

Just connect the DRLs to earth via the dipped beam filament live side - when the headlamps are on the DRLs will therfore be reverse biased, and will go out.
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