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Z4 M Coupe

Post by Southernboy » Wed 01 Apr, 2015 08:19

Anyone with a Z4 M Coupe who would like to tell me a bit about these cars.....I'm considering getting one, but somewhat concerned as to why they should be substantially cheaper than their lesser roadster counterparts here in SA. There is an M Coupe going here for around £10K and it's barely run in at 71,000 kms !
Look forward to the comments and advice.
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Re: Z4 M Coupe

Post by c_w » Wed 01 Apr, 2015 19:51

Faster than a Z3MC and much more modern, I'd have one if I could. They seem to be cheaper than you'd expect over here too, probably not cheaper than non-Ms, but still seem to go unnoticed and have depreciated more than you'd expect for a rareish car.

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Re: Z4 M Coupe

Post by Eastsix » Thu 02 Apr, 2015 00:26

In Uk there is generally considered to be a coupe premium- m coupes are more expensive than comparable m roadsters. Check out the z4 forum - there is plenty to read up and ogle over there.
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Re: Z4 M Coupe

Post by jont » Thu 02 Apr, 2015 00:28

I have been looking to upgrade my 1.9 to a z3M I looked at one last weekend for $33500. low klm 72000 but it did not impress me.
The owner believed it was one of the best in the market for sale at that price, but he should have done a good cleanup on it it's hard to explain but it did not grab me so I offered $28000 cash knowing I had a lot of work ahead of me.

But sadly he rejected my offer maybe after a few weeks he may realize that he was overpriced for what it was. :bawl:

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