Oops I did it again!!

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Oops I did it again!!

Post by nickp » Mon 02 Nov, 2015 02:20

I recently introduced myself as a new Z3 owner (like about 3wks ago!!) but through a funny set of circumstances I've ended up with a Z4 too!! It was silly cheap and just too good to pass up on. I'm not going to be greedy though and the Z3 is off to a mate shortly once I've fitted the Bilstein / Eibach suspension for him.

Here's the current 'collection'-
The BBS LM 'reps' will be going onto the Z4 soon.




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Re: Oops I did it again!!

Post by kjb1 » Sun 30 Apr, 2017 15:36

How cheap is cheap? Im currently in market for reasonably priced Z4, looking at ideally getting one for £2300 ish?

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Re: Oops I did it again!!

Post by therealdb1 » Wed 03 May, 2017 08:54

If I were you I'd give your mate the Z4 and keep the Z3.
You'll regret letting a good Z3 go! :shake:

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