Z4 Sdrive grille

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Z4 Sdrive grille

Post by cooknerkid » Thu 09 Jun, 2016 23:26

Hi all, been a while since I sold the Zedster z3. Looking at buying a z4 approx 2009 2010. Some have a silver chunkier grille but I can't seem to distinguish which models do/don't Also what does a Msport have that an 'ordinary' 23i doesn't . Thanks in advance.

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Re: Z4 Sdrive grille

Post by tonym » Tue 27 Sep, 2016 10:28

It's quite difficult to explain . My 2.31 highline has a black grill and I see some m models have black also . The 3 litre models mostly have silver it seems . That's a vague answer but a guide anyway .

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