Battery Failure - No A/C

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Battery Failure - No A/C

Post by Zed Carer » Sat 02 Jul, 2016 21:13

The battery on the Z4 failed (9 years old) about 5 weeks ago - car wouldn't start, low battery voltage, started after a couple of hours on the charger but low later in the day so fitted a new battery from ECP.

Fast forward to last weekend in Cumbria (Mrs ZC went to Woolfest 2016 in Cockermouth) and when the A/C switched was pushed nothing - no A/C, no lights on the panel - absolutely nothing. Quick search found a couple of similar instances on E85s where the problem had been a broken wire. So off to the reliable indie and after checking everything all the wiring / connections appeared to be OK. So put the diagnostics on and up came "Battery Failure" - presumably from when the battery had been disconnected to fit the new one. So cleared this fault and then further interrogation revealed that, for some inexplicable reason, the battery failure had put the A/C into Transport Mode!!! Once this was cleared everything worked as it should.
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Re: Battery Failure - No A/C

Post by mrscalex » Sat 02 Jul, 2016 21:26

I've seen a battery disconnection error on the Z3s. So not surprised there is one on a Z4. The surprise is the restricted mode it puts the A/C (and I wonder if anything else) in to.
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