Z8-specific club formed in Europe

UK owners might be few and far between, but if you are a Z8 enthusiast you are welcome here

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Z8-specific club formed in Europe

Post by Zmeagol » Thu 16 Jun, 2005 09:07


On the 11th June, 130 Z8 devotees together with 68 of their Z8 roadsters from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland and the USA met at BMW's Mobile Tradition in Munich to set up the world's first BMW Z8 Club.

First on the agenda was a morning visit to BMW M GmbH. Professor Ulrich Bruhnke, CEO of BMW M, and various experts from the development and manufacturing period of the Z8 were on hand to field questions from the fans. After a photocall at the BMW Research and Technology Centre, it was off to visit BMW Mobile Tradition in the Schleissheimer Straße, where various models and prototypes from the development stages of the BMW Z8 were on view. This was followed by the official part and the founding of the BMW-accredited type club. On Sunday there was a Z8 excursion through the Bavarian Alps en route to Bad Wiessee.

The worldwide fascination with the Z8 is closely associated with the legendary BMW 507 built in 1955. The BMW Z8 represents a revival of the concept of that classic roadster and ranks as its modern-day interpretation: breathtakingly beautiful, boasting classical proportions and bristling with innovative technology - quite simply, the revival of a legend. In the words of Holger Lapp, Director of BMW Group Mobile Tradition: "The BMW Z8 represents a bridge from the past across the present and into the future. In many respects it is the modern-day rendition of the 507 theme. As a future classic it will give pleasure to its owners for many years to come and has already evolved into a sought-after collector's item with enduring value."

In 2003, readers of the magazine Motor Klassik also recognised the powerful cult potential of the Z8. In voting for the "Classic of the Future" they duly placed it 1st in the Convertible category by a wide margin. The decisive criteria here were above all its timeless values and stunning looks.

The conditions surrounding the emergence of the Z8 also favoured a rapid rise to classic status. The model was only built between 2000 and 2003, with total production over this period amounting to 5,703 units. Even before it went into series production, the Z8 had acquired international fame as James Bond's "official car", as also reflected in the 3,000 units that were exported to the United States market.

In 2003 the Z8 carried a price tag of 127,000 euros. Models in good condition are currently available for around 100,000 euros, which also underlines the high value retention of the Z8 on its way from new car to classic.

Further information on the Z8 Club e.V. is available at http://www.z8-club.de

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How Many in Uk ??????????

Post by ZZZEMMCO » Thu 16 Jun, 2005 17:36

:D About Time Too!! Hope our Brit owners received an Invite to the Celebrations--Mirror image of the launch of ///M1 Club.More Z8 owners in Europe=7 times, as was the M1. :shock:

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