Need help with this bloody weather

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Need help with this bloody weather

Post by dansutton » Tue 10 Nov, 2009 20:29

Hi all

I'm getting really annoyed with the rain. I don't have a garage and my Z is sat on our drive, the problem i have got is that I want to put my hardtop on anytime now. I put my car cover on last week when the rain came down really hard. Now my roof has a green mouldy tint to it and I don't know whats best for the roof as i need to clean it but just can't get it dry because of the bloody rain. Has anyone else got the same problem and is their any valeters in the bolton area(I don't mind travelling) that can clean/waterproof the roof and dry it out so that i can put the hardtop straight on?

Thanks in advance Danny.

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Post by Lazeodoom » Sun 13 Dec, 2009 19:34

I use a kit from Autoglym that has a harsh 'sponge' in it for the washing, and then an 'impregnating fluid' (oo-er missus!) to waterproof it. The whole process takes an afternoon but the results last for the year. Use the two bucket method and see how much green horrible water there is left!

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