Bumper Paint work repair - advice needed

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Bumper Paint work repair - advice needed

Post by HighSharpe » Wed 04 Sep, 2013 22:03


WIth apologies, new to the forum, and I wanted to post nice pics of the car once washed, shined etc, but unfortunately I need to first rectify this (see image).
I obviously need to buy new a side light lens (the bulb inside works).
What should I get to try and fix this scratch? I am happy to make this a weekend project and try and do it myself. Any pointers would be very helpful indeed, and I promise to put up pics of the work, and the car itself as well.

Many thanks.


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Re: Bumper Paint work repair - advice needed

Post by Gazza » Wed 04 Sep, 2013 22:30

The lense is integral with the unit, approx £25 from BMW parts dept. Some have been found cheqer on Ebay.

If you are attempting the repair yourself, you can get aerosols made to match your colour at car paint suppliers, just take along your fuel flap and they can match the colour and shade.

You will need primer, basecoat and clear.

Good luck with the repair.

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