Front end respray

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Front end respray

Post by ///M_aniac » Wed 13 May, 2015 18:22

This is going to be done anyway over the next couple of months, but...

just wondering how much we think a full front end respray (including fitting of new front panels both sides) is going to add to the value of Hamish?
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Re: Front end respray

Post by Badman gee » Wed 13 May, 2015 20:58

Very difficult to say how much it will add.

But do it anyway, these M cars deserve to be looked after and pampered!

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Re: Front end respray

Post by Southernboy » Thu 14 May, 2015 06:18

Realistically it won't add anything to the value. What it will do is make your car a more trade-able commodity. If you were to sell the car, it would be viewed as a "good" example vs the possibly less expensive equivalent models available at the time. Therefor you will stand a better chance of getting your asking price than if you don't change the panels. From what I observe, recent M prices are appreciating, and all the more reason to maintain them in pristine condition.
As an example of the benefit of care and maintenance, I sold my 215,000km 1997 2.8 a couple of years ago for over £10,000. The average going price for a 2.8 with that mileage in SA is less than half that. I have seen only one other Z3 here asking a similar price which is a 3.0 with just 29,000km mileage, and is in good condition....and that is the "asking" price... hopefully the seller will get his price. :wink:
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