Neighbours Bl..dy Cat!

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Neighbours Bl..dy Cat!

Post by z3ddie » Thu 01 Oct, 2015 13:01

My neighbours mangy moggy has taken to crawling on the roof of my Zeddie and the roof is covered in it's ginger fur - I caught it the other day and sneaked up with a glass of water and got it but it doesn't seem to have deterred it - she has had the thing for years but it's only in the last week or so it has started kipping on the roof plus the paw prints over the bodywork - any tips apart from the unsual no no's - (air rifle, crossbow, swimming lesson with a housebrick etc)

That was the picture I was trying to put up earlier - but lost the will to live going throught it

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Re: Neighbours Bl..dy Cat!

Post by freck99 » Thu 01 Oct, 2015 14:05

Think yourself lucky mate that you've only one cat to contend with, our mad neighbour has more than ten of the little f@&kers :head:
I was forever having to clean my Zed of paw prints and hair from the roof until getting a cover for her. (The car not the neighbour :lol: )
They still sleep on the roof occasionally, especially when she's parked under the carport but it's not too bad now. Our dog has had a couple of the fur balls too however she just got a couple more. Some people shouldn't be allowed to live near the rest of us!! :roll:

At my old house I installed an automatic infra red lawn sprayer to deter the cats from crapping in my garden, that worked quite well too :D

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Re: Neighbours Bl..dy Cat!

Post by T48 TRE » Thu 01 Oct, 2015 18:05

Hi, you could try sprinkling some fine pepper on the roof of the car, if it gets a snort of that up its nose a couple of times it will stop going there.

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Re: Neighbours Bl..dy Cat!

Post by Z3Jeremy » Thu 01 Oct, 2015 22:37

The only flipping animal that is aloud to roam free, the owner having no control or apparent concern for its whereabouts or its actions, remember that book? 100 ways to kill a cat.. J

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Re: Neighbours Bl..dy Cat!

Post by Bonzo » Fri 02 Oct, 2015 00:36

Wasn't it called " 100 Uses For a Dead Cat. "
I have a ginger Tom. No problems because Zelda has always been garaged!

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