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Post by Gazza » Sun 03 Sep, 2017 14:48

Photobucket fix found on another Forum, I've tried it on this Forum and it works :D :D :D :D :D
It is worth noting that this could be a temporary fix as code often gets re-written.

I just found a fix for those pesky Photobucket ERROR images that have xxxxxxed up half the posts from a while back!

If you go to "Edit Post", then simply add, ~original after the jpg bit, it brings the pics back to life!!

There is also a fix if you are using Chrome as your browser ... 0fix?hl=en
I clicked the top one.

Taken from the link -

This extension should make photobucket embeds work for all accounts across all websites.

It does this by looking at image embeds and changing the referer.

# NOTE: You may need to clear your browser cache (at least for images) before you will be able to see some images (if you already tried to view them before installing this)

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Post by Koolflyer » Tue 05 Sep, 2017 20:13

Thanks for that Gazza, I used the chrome fix and all seems restored on my PC, but still not on my mobile.....for the moment!
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