Hesitating throttle,

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Hesitating throttle,

Post by 4wheels » Thu 21 Sep, 2017 19:18

Not sure if this is a normal 3.0L model thing, or if something isnt quite right!
when pulling off, you apply power of course, and pull clutch up and go!
but, mines always been a bit jumpy so thought it was the clutch, or slave cyl.
noticed that if i put foot on pedal in Neutral, rise revs to say 1500, and leave accel there, then it dips maybe 400 revs, then comes back up.
which is exactly how it feels when you pull off... so its not clutch related.
any ideas?

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Re: Hesitating throttle,

Post by therealdb1 » Fri 22 Sep, 2017 22:47

Sounds like it could be a throttle position sensor which I believe is integral with the throttle body on the 3l or maybe the throttle motor.
I am guessing you have been around all the hoses checking for air leaks.
Two things to try, do the test you have already done but with the MAF electrically disconnected. Does that make a difference?
Secondly, connect INPA and see if you can watch the throttle response in real time on the screen.

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Re: Hesitating throttle,

Post by motco » Sat 23 Sep, 2017 08:01

Cable operated throttles and fly-by-wire types each have their own features.

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