eBay Headers (Speed Daddy Headers)

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eBay Headers (Speed Daddy Headers)

Post by Based Pony » Mon 18 Dec, 2017 07:08

About a week ago I decided to purchase some ebay headers for my 2001 BMW Z3 2.5i Roadster. Somehow I ended up going with the Speed Daddy headers. They were processed and shipped extremely fast. The packaging was very professional, and the headers looked to be of good quality. Now to the fun part… installing them.
As this was my first time installing headers I was what you could call a retard and did not do enough research, instead I just dived right in. When I finally got the old headers off, I realized that I needed 9 more studs/nuts…. Great… After waiting two days for BMW to get them shipped in I finally got to start putting the new headers on… This was easy(ish). However, this was where another HUGE mistake on my end was made… I didn’t install the o2 sensors before bolting up the headers… I don’t know why, but my o2 sensors location was literally right underneath and pointing almost straight up towards the other header. So after hours of trying to get it to fit… I had to loosen every single bolt on both headers, and push the headers apart from each other and put the o2 sensor in. After that everything went smoothly.
Finally, I got to fire my baby up and she started with absolutely no problems, she didn’t even have a CEL (didn’t use the non fouler trick because I purchased a tune from RKTUNES) and wouldn’t need to worry about it for long anyways. The headers make the car quite a bit louder, not obnoxious or anything, just louder, especially above 4k RPMS.
Overall, worth the purchase and the pain I went through. I can definitely feel a difference in torque and power, but you all know how it is when you get something that’s supposed to increase power, maybe the tune will help even more, however I’m waiting to get the rest of the exhaust done (straight piping) and a Secondary Air Pump block-off plate in the mail.

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Re: eBay Headers (Speed Daddy Headers)

Post by pingu » Mon 18 Dec, 2017 14:41

I've got my headers off at the moment, and I feel your pain.

At one point, I thought that the only way to get them off was to take the engine out :shock: .

Did you measure yours before you fitted them and compare them to the originals?

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