Heater control inop

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Heater control inop

Post by Howard Adams » Sun 04 Mar, 2018 17:35

Hi, the temperature control on my Z3 (2001model) has gone springy and won’t go all the way to cold or hot. No hot air what’s so ever.
My initial throught was that the lug on the heater unit had snapped & would require a super repair (bodge) as they are stupid money new. Removed the centre console (about an 1hrs work) to find all intact. So disconnected the cable (white) at the other end expecting the heater box flap to be stuck. Luckily all ok. Refitted the cable and put a tie strap on so the cable can’t slip.
Lubricated all cables and the heater unit. All ok now. So in hindsight I should of checked the cable 1st, but still a learning curve and nice to know all is ok.
Hope this post helps someone.

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