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An EAC Strike, Ten Pin Style!!

Posted: Wed 03 Oct, 2012 21:09
by EnthuZiaZT
The EAC invites you to come Ten Bowling at Strikes in Ely, Cambridgeshire, on Sunday 28th October, with a possible walk up to the Cathedral and along the River. 8-)

The Bowling Package is £13.95 which includes two games of Bowling and a meal. :D
The menu is Hunters Chicken, Scampi, All sorts of Burgers, Lamb, Chicken, Cod, Corn and one or two I can't remember. All served with Chips and/or Salad.

The Bowling should take approximately two hours, so we could eat at 6pm and bowl for hours or we could bowl for 2 hours and eat at 8pm. :bounce: (There is a childrens Halloween Party from 2pm-5.30pm)

It is your choice whether to bring your beloved Zeds or the daily driver! but we thought we could meet at 2pm, have a leisurely walk up through Cherry Hill Park to the City and the Cathedral, then along the river ending up in the Cutter for a refresher before Bowling.
Gives us three & half hours, plenty of time to amble! :thumb:

Bowlers so far:-
EnthuZiaZT - (Mike & Sandy)
Macca - (Richard & Mary)
Badman Gee - (Mark & Michelle)
Allan - (Alan & Shelly) Hopefully depending on date
Z3cade - (Liam & Caroline)
Bazzae123 - (Barry)
ReddyZeddygo - (Shaun & Karen)
Mint - (Dave & Pauline)

Re: An EAC Strike, Ten Pin Style!!

Posted: Thu 04 Oct, 2012 20:34
by EnthuZiaZT
The prospect of hunger pangs whilst bowling has made the decision to eat first a priority :D
So we will be eating at six and bowling the calories off afterwards 8-)

Re: An EAC Strike, Ten Pin Style!!

Posted: Sat 06 Oct, 2012 22:19
by Gazza
I've had a few meals at the Cutter, very nice :D

Re: An EAC Strike, Ten Pin Style!!

Posted: Sun 07 Oct, 2012 00:37
by EnthuZiaZT
Gazza wrote:I've had a few meals at the Cutter, very nice :D
Yes, Gazza, it has always been an old haunt in the sixty/seventies for us, in the days like Xmas Eve, when you were packed in like sardines, without enough room to get your glass up to your lips! :) Those were the days! :D John1950 will be remembering in the old farts club! :wink:

Re: An EAC Strike, Ten Pin Style!!

Posted: Sun 07 Oct, 2012 18:05
by EnthuZiaZT
Good news, to all you Bowlers, Have booked a meal for 6pm (to be seated at 5.45pm) and three lanes bowling for 15 people afterwards on 28th October 2012 at Strikes in Ely, Halloween dress optional! :wink: Will draw teams out of a hat on the day. 8-) Strikes will never be the same again! :thumb:

A menu is being posted out to us tomorrow, so that you can make our choices beforehand, Shelly, there is a vegetarian option. The meal will then be ready for 6pm when we return from Ely. We will post it on the forum when it arrives. :thumb:

Re: An EAC Strike, Ten Pin Style!!

Posted: Sat 13 Oct, 2012 21:07
by EnthuZiaZT
Right everyone, now for the most important part of the day, The Grub! 8-)

Strikes Meals Menu. £13.95 per head, includes 2 Games of Bowling & Prizes. :bounce:

Hunters Chicken
A Chicken breast topped with Bacon, BBQ sauce and melted Cheese,
Served with chips and side salad.

Deep Fried Whole Tail Scampi
A generous portion of Scampi, deep fried in breadcrumbs,
Served with chips and peas.

Burgers, all served with chips and a selection of dips.

Lamb Burger
A 6oz succulent minted Lamb Burger in a floured bun,
Served with a salad garnish and mint sauce.

Hot & Kicking Chicken Burger
A hot And spicy Chicken Fillet in a burger bun topped with salad.

Cod Burger.
Lemon and Parsley Cod Burger served in a floured bun topped with salad

Quorn Burger.
A Quorn Burger served in a floured bun
Served with a salad garnish.

They are very accommodating, as they have added, if none of these dishes are to your tastes, please let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs. :D

Please make your choices and let me know, either by text or PM.
then the meal will be ready when we arrive back from our trot round Ely. :thumb:

Re: An EAC Strike, Ten Pin Style!!

Posted: Sat 20 Oct, 2012 22:09
by EnthuZiaZT
Hi, All you Strikers, on the 28th, we will start the EAC Union March :wink: from the BP Garage/Travel Lodge on the Witchford Road in Ely at 2pm, the postcode is CB6 3NN, then we will motor down to Strikes Bowling Alley to park and walk up through the park into Ely from there with a stop at the Cutter on the river for liquid refreshment, before returning to Strikes for 5.45 for dinner & bowling 8-)

See you all then :D

Re: An EAC Strike, Ten Pin Style!!

Posted: Thu 25 Oct, 2012 21:50
by EnthuZiaZT
Looks like the sun's going to shine for us for our guided tour of Ely, but I think it's a case of winter draws on!! folks ;)
Looking forward to playing after eating with the crew!!! :D :lol: