BMW Centenary Munich Visit - September 2016

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BMW Centenary Munich Visit - September 2016

Post by sfh3l » Tue 09 Feb, 2016 17:17

I am pasting news of a Car Club organised trip below, to Munich to celebrate the BMW Centenary this year. I've put my name down, as I think it will be an excellent trip and am just trying to publicise it here. I appreciate not everyone is a member of the Club, but £45 solves that problem very quickly :D

"Scenic and Continental Car Tours are operating the accommodation and travel package on behalf of the BMW Car Club for a proposed tour in Germany in September to celebrate the 100th Birthday of BMW.
A round tour of Germany, starting in Aachen, and visiting the following places , Nurburgring, Pforzheim, Starnberg near Munich, returning via Kaiserslautern or Saurbrucken, and Ghent in Belgium.

The tour lasts 9 days and the price starts at £999 per person (two in a your car sharing a hotel room.)

Take your own cars and have fun.

Possible highlights (not guaranteed at this stage and to be confirmed later)

The BMW General Museum,

BMW Classic, BMW Weld, A BMW Factory, BMW 100 birthday event at the Oympia Park, and a visit the Hofbräuhaus München or similar.
The BMW 100th birthday event will not be open for cars - pedestrians only.
To join in the fun, log in to the members area and then copy and paste the following link into your browser: ... rmany.html

We need to confirm numbers as soon as possible, so please do it now!

Post any questions here and I will try to answer them."

More details available from Howard Walker at the BMW Car Club,
Best regards,

Sam Lever.

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