tyre pressure gauges.

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tyre pressure gauges.

Post by kruisn » Fri 19 Feb, 2016 03:50

Every garage or tyre shop I go into has a tyre gauge and or pump. They all read different pressures. I have a reasonably priced gauge and a tyre pump at home as well and they both read differently. Maybe I am being pedantic but how can I check which gauges are reading right so I can allow for the inacuracy of my own gauges. :head: :shrug
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Re: tyre pressure gauges.

Post by therealdb1 » Fri 19 Feb, 2016 22:46

If you have a pump and pressure gauge at home why do you want to trust someone else's when you have no control over who uses it or how it is used?
The question that needs to be asked is "where can you get your gauge and/or pump calibrated so you know they are correct?"
I cannot really help you with an answer since you are on the other side of the world but in the UK there are a multitude of calibration laboratories that could check them for you for a fee. I have worked for a couple of them in the past!
Unfortunately this fee will probably be as much as the gauge is worth but at least you shall know what it's error is.
If it is "reasonably priced" rather than "dirt cheap" and you have looked after it well, then the stand alone pressure gauge, assuming it is a bourdon tube type, should be close enough for checking the tyres.
Even if the garages have accurate pressure indications, having driven there your tyres will not be cold and may not even all be the same temperature so the pressure measurement will not be too helpful in any case.
If you were really pedantic you would want to fill your tyres with nitrogen instead of air! :lol:

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