which spark plugs?

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which spark plugs?

Post by ALPHA 3.0i Z3 » Sat 12 Mar, 2016 08:20

Hi all looking to do a big service in coming weeks and was wondering what the bed plugs for the 3.0i Z3 are.
That is performance to price.
Any input will be gratefully accepted!!
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Re: which spark plugs?

Post by Del » Sat 12 Mar, 2016 23:40

I think the choice for your car will be either Bosch FGR 7DQP+ or NGK BKR 6EQUP. Both are current-day, “high performance” BMW OE plugs depending on where in the World you live. Both are platinum, four electrode plugs. You will find that people tend to have their own preference – in the UK the NGK ones are popular. Personally, in my 1.9, I prefer the Bosch and I noticed a slight performance improvement when fitting.

Iridium plugs are a lot more expensive and are designed more for a longer service interval. The max is supposed to be 90k miles. Platinum 60K and the old copper ones 30k. Would I leave any plugs in my car for 90k or even 60k – definitely not.

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Re: which spark plugs?

Post by pingu » Tue 15 Mar, 2016 12:29

RealOEM will have the answer :wink: .

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