Horn not working?? HELP!!!

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Horn not working?? HELP!!!

Post by webby »

Can anyone help?

Horn stopped working. checked fuses under bonnet all ok. can hear a clicking sound coming from fuses when pushing the horn button on steering wheel?
Any ideas what it can be?
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Re: Horn not working?? HELP!!!

Post by bertiejaffa »

could be that the horn has died - never had it on a Z but had it on my old Beetle - just got full of crap and old.. replacement one was cheap (any old thing). If you have a mutlimeeter I would check there is an electric current at the horn end (oo-er missus) when the button is pressed.
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Re: Horn not working?? HELP!!!

Post by Robert T »

If memory serves, there are two horns, so for both to stop working at the same time might imply a wiring fault (or mice!), unless one had gone to horn heaven previously and now the other has joined it.

Cheers R.

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Re: Horn not working?? HELP!!!

Post by Southernboy »

You will need to have a multi meter on the wires at the horns whilst someone presses the button on the steering wheel. If there is no current, then you'll need to check the wiring all the way back. If that's all in order, you will need to check the connection inside the steering wheel at the button there. It is most likely the connectors to the horns themselves (although for both to not operate is unusual) or the button connection in the steering wheel. If as suggested, you have mice around, then the wiring may be the issue. The horn has a relay in the fuse box, so have a look in there at that too. (K2 on the pic below)

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Re: Horn not working?? HELP!!!

Post by Cheeseandbeans »

This happened on mine and turned out to be the slip ring in the steering wheel. Luckily I had a spare steering wheel and swapped them over but I think the the slip ring replacement is fairly easy.
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