Paint Marker Pen.

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Paint Marker Pen.

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I recently had some work done by a professional mechanic, and I noticed that as he was refitting nuts, bolts and hoses, he used a white fine tipped pen. It's branded as a "Paint Marker" made by Artline and available from stationary shops. It's pretty much waterproof etc, so perfect for marking outdoors. He marked each nut, bolt etc with a dash across the item, and as he completed the tightening process he crossed the first line with another as an instant visual check that it had been correctly torqued. He also used it to label hoses and connectors - "A" - "B" etc etc, so he could quickly see which hose etc went where. I thought it a really good way of working and a lot easier than using masking tape to stick onto hoses, wires etc to mark them. Perhaps this might be useful to you guys when doing maintenance and you have umpteen connections etc to keep track of during re-assembly.
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