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Post by PVR » Mon 07 Jan, 2008 12:54

10% discount on servicing and parts as well ... Also some good info in the magazine re insurance / track days etc.

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Post by nero » Mon 07 Jan, 2008 13:25

Have a look at theBMWCC website to get the full details, but I'll list a few here to start you off
  • Discount at Dealers
    Discount on Insurance
    Discount on RAC membership
    Discount on Warranty Direct
    Monthly Magazine
    Organized Track Days
    Regional and Model Registers
    Meeting other BMW owners/enthusiasts at local meetings
In the Scottish Region, we have also been able to arrange discounts at a couple of Independent garages.

I've been a member for 5 years and for me it has been money well spent :)

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BMWCC Great Value

Post by steveH » Mon 07 Jan, 2008 23:03

Hope this post will encourage more discussion as CC is well worth joining for any BMW enthusiast. Note Nero above.
I will just focus on the mag which over the last 2 years has gone from usual car club standard to top shelf car mag. certainly in terms of content, photographs, articles, editorial, BMW (gb), owners cars, letters, tech. stuff, etc is second to none.
The concours events are going from strength to strength this year seperate to the National at Gaydon and a spectical for all whether entering or supporting.
There are trips planned abroad incl. factory tour incl. new museum aswell as the legendary champagne tour.

with regards reciprical support to this and other dedicated Zed / BMW forums then my stance would be to work/ benifit from each other. To this end anyone who is not a member and would initially like a copy of the BMWCC mag just send me a pm with your address. no commitment just hope you enjoy.
I would certainly be willing, with Phil, to discuss possibly strengthening the inks with this forum and club with club chaiman/ directors IF this would be constructive and not tread on anyones toes. some mention of this forum in register report may be poss(??)

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Post by HomeStoned » Sun 09 Nov, 2008 20:17

I am going to join, sticker or no sticker!
but if it's a sticker of your logo man that would be cool :D
very easy to amuse!

I was in another owners club, they started to restrict information
like how to help n tips, for sale & wanted, were off limits to non paying members.

maybe u should think on this.

cheers J

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