Annoying water leak

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Annoying water leak

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I've developed this annoying water leak. Water is somehow leaking in from the bottom of the passenger side door only when parked facing uphill. I've tried replicating by pouring water along the weather strip at the top of the door with no results and I have not had the door card off since having the car yet. any other ideas :shrug
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Check the outer window sill seal, make sure that it lines up with the pillar that separates the two panes of glass. Sometimes this seal gets moved and a gap forms where it should be in contact with the pillar. Remove the door card and make sure the plastic sheeting is intact and sealed properly. Make sure to pull up the carpet in the footwell to check for residual water that's been soaked up. The insulation beneath the carpet is literally a foam sponge.

Are all the door seals intact in the door frame itself? No perforated rubber due to being kicked by passengers getting in or out?

Hope you get the problem solved soon. :)
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