OEM Fire Extinguisher Retrofit

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OEM Fire Extinguisher Retrofit

Post by Keith » Tue 02 Mar, 2010 10:59

After retrofitting one of these to all my previous BMWs that did not have one from factory, it was the turn of the MC.

Turns out this was the trickiest (read: most work involved) retrofit of them all so far.

Still, with a little time and the right parts/tools it can be done quite easily.

First you need to order the parts;

72600000335 - Fire Extinguisher and Strap Mount
82279405850 - Bracket

You will then need to go and buy a couple of short-length M6 screws with a large flattish head. These are to mount the bracket onto the seat with. You will also need another couple of short M6 screws, but this time with a smaller head, to screw the strapping mount to the bracket.

In order to drill the holes at a right angle to the seat base, you need to remove the seat - so the normal seat removal procedure must be done in order to avoid setting off airbag lights;

• Move seat forward and undo the rear bolt on each rail
• Move seat backward and undo the front nut on each rail
• Move seat back to central position and raise to highest setting
• Undo seatbelt retaining bolt
• Disconnect battery
• Press hazard warning light button to help discharge any residual current
• Wait 5-10 minutes before disconnecting seat wiring under seat (on the drivers side this is 1 x black, 1 x white and 1 x small purple connecting block)
• Remove seat carefully - I usually put a mat over the door sills to avoid snagging it with the seat runners

Once the seat is out, lay it on its back. Look to find the two hooks that hold the seat covering tight at the front. You can make out the right hand side hook in this picture;

At first, I thought I could feel two holes in the front of the seat frame metal - no. These are just indentations (3 of them, as shown above). This means you need to mark and drill holes.

I held the bracket up where it needed to be mounted, and then pin-punched where to drill. I am using M6 bolts, so drilled a pilot with a 3mm and then a 6mm bit.

Now you need contortionist like skills to lift up the seat covering, get your hand in whilst holding a bolt back to front, lift up the foam and then push the bolt out of the hole. It was fairly tricky to do!

Once the threads were poking from the inside outward, I pushed my pin-punch through the material of the seat covering (in the corresponding places), being careful not to rip/cut any thread. I simple just made a hole big enough for the bolt threads by rotating the pin punch until the holes was big enough. You then need to re-stretch the seat covering over the threads, and re-hook in place. Simply mount the bracket on, and tighten some M6 nuts onto the threads. I used the ones that came with the bracket, but used an M6 tap to cut the nylock, so they went on without rotating the screw. Once you tighten them up, the screw grips and you can get it done up really tight, so no worries there about it being loose;

Time was running out (dark was not far off), so I did not have time to cut the excess thread off. This will be done when I dig my Dremel out. You may wish to cut them to length first. If you do, be sure to put a nut on first so that you don't distort the threads when sawing. Removing the nut after you cut, with restore any damage to the thread. :thumbsup:

Remount the seat into the car (reverse procedure as removal).

Now all you need to do is screw in the bracket with the strap in place - again, the threads are already there, but you will need too short M6 nuts;

Et Voila, fitted as it from factory;

Can't tell you how much I love the genuine extinguisher. An awesome bit of OEM kit, and I love catching a glimpse of it every time I get in :D

I think factory extinguishers are mounted the other way around (handle nearest the door), but I felt I may catch my feet getting in or out, so I've kept it mounted as shown in the pictures.

Hope you have found this DIY useful.



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