Telltale and warning lamps

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Telltale and warning lamps

Post by Robert T » Tue 18 Sep, 2012 21:13

[col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)[/b] ABS is switched off because a fault has developed. Normal brake action is not affected (no restrictions). Please arrange for the problem to be examined by BMW Service.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Airbags[/b] Please arrange for the problem to be examined by BMW Service.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Automatic Stability Control plus Traction (ASC+T)[/b] ASC+T has been switched off at the button or because of a malfunction. If a malfunction has occurred, have the car examined by BMW Service. Note: Flashes when ASC+T is active.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Battery charge current[/b] The battery is not being charged. There is a defect at the ribbed V-belt for the alternator or in the alternator's charging circuit. Consult the nearest BMW Service. If the ribbed V-belt is defective, do not continue the journey, otherwise the engine may overheat and be damaged. If the V-belt fails, greater effort will also be required to turn the steering wheel.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Brake hydraulics[/b] Check brake fluid level. [i]Note: On facelift cars this is a dual-colour lamp[/i][/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Brake pads[/b] Check the condition of the brake pads.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Electronic engine output control (EML)[/b] Comes on if an EML malfunction occurs. When braking, higher pedal effort and pedal travel may be needed. Please arrange for the problem to be examined by BMW Service.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Engine management[/b] There is an engine management malfunction. Please arrange for the problem to be examined BMW Service.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Handbrake[/b] Comes on when the handbrake is applied.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Engine oil level[/b] If it comes on during the journey, stop as soon as possible and switch off the engine. The oil level will be at the absolute minimum mark. Do not continue the journey, as there is a risk of engine damage cause by inadequate lubrication.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Engine oil pressure[/b] Stop the car immediately and switch off the engine. Check engine oil level and top up if necessary. If oil level is correct: consult the nearest BMW Service. Do not continue the journey, as there is a risk of engine damage cause by inadequate lubrication.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Fasten seat belts[/b] Depending on the car's national-market specification, a signal may be heard at the same time. The lamp remains on until the seat belts have been fastened. UK: This operates on a timer, there are no switches in the seat belt buckles.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]High Beam Headlights[/b] Comes one when the high headlight beams are in use or the headlight flasher is used.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Front Fog Lights[/b] Comes on when the fog lights are in use.[/col][col][img][/img][/col][col][b]Rear Fog Lights[/b] Comes on when rear fog lights are in use.[/col]
This list is incomplete. I will add new lamps as and when I have pictures. I will also try and add which models they relate to.
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