BMW Z3 Idle Control Valve (ICV) dissasembly guide & pics

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BMW Z3 Idle Control Valve (ICV) dissasembly guide & pics

Post by estocks » Sat 18 Mar, 2006 19:17

Switch off the alarm and disconnect the battery.
Text by Skipper5 at Bimmerfest.

First thing to do is get the intake off. Procedure for taking out stock airbox: Remove two fixing bolts. Pull up and forward.

Disconnect the tube coming into the rubber elbow. Pull on it. I found it easiest to reach under the intake tubing with my right hand. This tube goes to the ICV. Remember that for later.

:rtm: IMAGE 1

:rtm: IMAGE 2

Next is to take off the throttle butterfly thing (choke, ASC) sitting in front of the throttle body. Using the size 5 Allen wrench loosen the two screws holding it on. The other screw is diagonal form the one shown. I disconnected the connector on top and set the part (still attached to the cable) to the side in the engine bay.

Next we take off the throttle body. Grab the ratchet, extension, and 10mm socket and crank off the 4 bolts holding it to the manifold. I suggest doing the back 2 first. There's room back there for the ratchet.
:rtm: IMAGE 3

While you have the TB out you might as well clean that as well. Grab the carb cleaner and rag. Spray some cleaner on the rag and rub on the inside of the TB. clean every nook and cranny you can. Activate the accelerator cable to open the butterfly and clean it thoroughly.

I layed the TB down right next to the other throttle butterfly elbow thing.

The ICV is clamped in the red circle in the middle of image 3. You can see 3 bolts and a hose and wiring goes into the valve.
*Note* you will have a gasket plaguing directly into the manifold that you just yank down on.
You will be cleaning these inlets later. Take note of the 3 bolts on the bracket holding the ICV in place. Those are next. Again using the 10mm take these 3 bolts loose.

This is where you get to do it yourself. Disconnect the ICV from the manifold by pulling down. Next you have to disconnect the connector on the back of the unit. It is just like the other ones. With that done you should be able to pull the ICV out.

Now you have the ICV and with a tube on the floor *note* the angle of the hose before you separate w.r.t. to the ICV. Disconnect the remaining hose (the one that went to the intake elbow) and prepare for cleaning.
:rtm: IMAGE 4

Take your carb cleaner and spray it directly into the the inlets of the ICV. If you're like me the carb cleaner will go in clear and come out black. This means we're actually cleaning! Keep spraying the cleaner into both sides and swirling around until the fluid coming out is clear. (if you want you can do the chicken dance with it too. that way you can say you've done the chicken dance with an ICV! Twisting motion is good. Don#t be tempted to shove something in as it is reputedly fragile. I sprayed compressed air in to the inlets after i was done to make sure it was nice and dry in there.

Now you're ready to reinstall. Everything goes right back in except in reverse order. Make sure all hose clamps are tight and connectors connected. Start your car up and enjoy!
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Post by spokey » Tue 02 Feb, 2010 11:28

Update from estocks:

It has been brought to my attention that later BMWs (possibly Post 99 M52TU?) than mine have a teflon lining in the Throttle Body.

This would be stripped out by the throttle/carb cleaner used in the writeup, rendering it fubar.

Cars with a teflon lining throttle body should be cleaned only with a rag.
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