Which Oil for Z4 coupe 3.0si

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  Z4 coupe 3.0si

Which Oil for Z4 coupe 3.0si

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I've had my Z4 coupe since May of this year, started with 7500 mls on the clock now got 10300 so not a huge mileage in 7 months, most is motorway / dual carriageway driving and definitely not thrashed, power used sensibly. Now the oil level light has come on at engine switch off which I'm extremely surprised at, it's dissapointing not to have an old fashioned dipstick so I can see the real oil level but that's what we've got.
So what oil would others recommend ? obviously a fully synthetic and I'll always use a good quality oil. I'm quite a fan of Shell Ultra and also Valvoline. The owners manual is completely lacking in info just recommending something with "BMW Longlife" written on it don't even give SAE specs !

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Castrol Edge 0W-30 or Edge Sport 0W-40
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