First aid box (underseat storage) installation

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First aid box (underseat storage) installation

Post by Zmeagol » Tue 14 Sep, 2004 20:46

There's no point stopping to help at an accident and not being able to find your first aid kit, so on newer models BMW decided to fit it under the passenger seat in a special storage box. The first aid kit and box is standard in Europe however I thought it would be worthwhile installing a second box under the driver's seat for storage of camera, Talkabout radio, PDA or whatever.

The cost is ridiculously low, just £8.60 for the box (p/n 52 10 7 044 958) and £3.90 for the Z4-specific support bracket (p/n 52 10 7 045 018).

Box as installed on the passenger side

Custom first aid kit to fit the box

Here's a side view of the box

And a view of the bracket showing the three screw holes

All you have to do is screw in the three screws and snap the box on, but the screws I had been given were the wrong thread. Working upside down in the confined space is frustratingly difficult and at one stage I was seriously considering taking the seat out to install the box!

I used a mirror to establish the passenger box was held on with Torx 30 screws, then unscrewed one of them and matched the thread with some loose screws I had around. Success!

View of the empty box on the driver's side with seat in raised position.

View with box close and seat in lower position.

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Good idea

Post by SLX 280 » Tue 14 Sep, 2004 21:06

Thats a very useful idea, and amazingly a cheap mod... :D


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Post by Steve » Wed 15 Sep, 2004 14:00

Isn't this the standard BMW 'Goesunder' modification or does that one come with a hole in the seat and a china plant holder with handle :?
In fact I gather it would be more appropriate to put this on the passenger seat in certain owners cars :wink:

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Post by TonyCal » Wed 15 Sep, 2004 15:23

Interesting use of wasted space. I wonder if it would fit in a Z3.

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Post by greg_ch » Wed 15 Sep, 2004 22:16

TonyCal wrote:Interesting use of wasted space. I wonder if it would fit in a Z3.
The talk on roadfly is if it will fit a gun :shock:

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Post by John B » Thu 16 Sep, 2004 09:02

My dealer actually carries these as a stock item! (Sytner Leic.) Tim, did you find out the bolt dia. for the fixing screws?

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Post by Desperado » Thu 16 Sep, 2004 09:16

I'd be interested to hear is these fit in the Z3 if anyone finds out.

Good idea by the way.,


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Post by John B » Thu 16 Sep, 2004 10:40

I have just collected an additional 1st aid box. Apparently the same box is a fixture in most current BMW models. I tried to find out if it would fit the Z3 but no info on the system! As they are carried as a stock item it would be quite easy to offer one up to a Z3 seat at a dealer.

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Post by inTgr8r » Wed 29 Nov, 2006 02:46

Does anyone know if this fits the M seats?

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Post by Boysie » Tue 12 Dec, 2006 18:34


I have just been told by my brother
that he has purchased one for under
the drivers seat for £12.50 complete
with fixing bracket from the dealers
What a bargain
I am going to see if it will fit into my MR//
before he fits it to his car.


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Post by John B » Tue 12 Dec, 2006 19:05

I got the dealer to fit a 1st aid box under the drivers seat as part of a new car "deal". I fitted one on my 1st Z4 myself (quite easy). BMW's instruction is to take the seat out - not necessary, and in this case expensive for them!

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Post by domross » Sun 29 Jul, 2007 13:43

Wish they did this for the Z3....$tealers in reasonably priced equipment shocker :shock:

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Post by tuscan » Sun 09 Sep, 2007 12:44

if anyone needs screw diameters - I used 6mm x 25mm screws from B&Q to fit the bracket.

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Post by Will777888 » Fri 07 Dec, 2007 11:11

Sod the first aid - my Good Beer Guide lives in this box.

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Post by rustyz4 » Fri 07 Dec, 2007 14:23

What a great idea,, brilliant,,

Im just wondering if it will work on my M seats?

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Post by Justinitus » Fri 07 Dec, 2007 20:49

I have the M seats and I have a first aid box under the passenger seat, so would imagine it would fit under driver seat no problemo :D


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Post by Iceman_Jay » Sat 16 Aug, 2008 00:50

The previous owner of my car found the first aid kit as a handy safe keep box.... tho I shall say no more as to what I found it it :wink:

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