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Mock Theory Tests

Post by pingu » Fri 24 Aug, 2007 22:08

Mock Test #1

Mock Test #2

Stopping Distance Test

Traffic Sign Test

Speed Limit Test

I've just done Mock Test #1 and failed with 28/35 :shock: . Average time per answer = 19 secs. Time to study :rtm: , but not before I do the other tests.

Getting better... 34 out of 35 for Mock Test #2

Oh Dear... 4 out of 10 for Stopping Distances.

Yippee... 10 out of 10 for Road Signs

Another Yippee... 8 out of 8 for the Speed Limits

Conclusion... If you are dragging a 96m tape measure behind you, and I run over it, take care, because I might not be able to stop in time. After all, how else would I know I was closer than 96 metres?
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Robert T
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Post by Robert T » Fri 24 Aug, 2007 22:28

Oh dear, I just tried Mock Test #1 too, and failed with 27/35! :shock:

TBH when I took my driving test the stopping distances were in feet and we didn't have confusing multiple choice answers. :lol:

Thanks for that pingu! :wink:

Cheers R.
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Post by SpunkyM » Sat 25 Aug, 2007 16:55

32/35 (91%) for the Mock test 1
13 secs average answer time

Got the pedestrian and bicycle crossing one wrong
Got the Fog lights one wrong
Got the distance to read the number plate wrong
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Alex L
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Post by Alex L » Sun 26 Aug, 2007 16:48

Get in! 30 out of 35 on Mock Test 1 with an Average time of 7 secs per question.

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