Coming to a village near you?

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Coming to a village near you?

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I hope this is ok here in The Lounge?

An unashamed plug and factfinder for a little project i'm involved in with a local artist who's fees, and a percentage of the sale price is donated to the local hospice - Farleigh, here in Chelmsford.

Being fortunate to live in a pretty village with a number of attractive views we created a few designs for sale locally and realised there was a small demand for something, other than a photograph or watercolour painting, that would make a nice gift for former residents, for overseas students at the nearby college to take home etc.,

The aim is to focus on villages and towns that have a reputation locally but are not necessarily well known tourist attractions. We have no plans to do one of York Minster or Tower Bridge. :colourful:

It would be a great help if you guys and gals across the country could recommend any places or buildings of interest that we could consider for future designs?

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Re: Coming to a village near you?

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I don’t have a problem with it.

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