YESSS! no excuse required

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YESSS! no excuse required

Post by Bonzo » Sun 18 Dec, 2016 19:26

Last night I said to Mrs. Bonzo that I would assemble and erect our Christmas tree today, and put up the lights and other Chrismas decorations. I had a bit of a late start due to a lay in, so by the time I got stuck in it was quite a nice bright day with some sun. Perfect for a blast in Zelda in fact. Oh well I thought, there will be other days, so I resigned myself to the slightly mundane job of fitting all the bits of the tree together and putting on the lights. However, the Roadster Gods were obviously smiling down on me because YESSS, half of the lights wouldn't work! I did try to sort the problem, (ex electrician) really, honestly I did :roll: but no, the only thing to do was to go to Homebase and get some more lights, which I did. Would you believe it I got lost on the way home, can't understand that, been to Homebase many times before, must have taken a wrong turn...... :drive in Z3lda! :D

Merry Christmas all,


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Re: YESSS! no excuse required

Post by Gazza » Mon 19 Dec, 2016 12:44

Good Man !!

Mine is sorned until next year :bawl:

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Re: YESSS! no excuse required

Post by bertiejaffa » Mon 19 Dec, 2016 17:49

Ah the nice impromptu drive - nothing better 8-)
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