cannot open e-mails

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Midsomer Mikey
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cannot open e-mails

Post by Midsomer Mikey » Sun 01 Aug, 2010 09:06

problem cannot open e-mails,have reinstalled java but still no good
any advice

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Dave L2
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Post by Dave L2 » Sun 01 Aug, 2010 18:32

We're going to need a LOT more information than that.
  • What Client are you using?
    Which OS are you using?
    What Browser are you using?
    Why did you reinstall Java?
    Do you get an error message?

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Post by TerrySmith » Tue 13 Sep, 2011 16:19

I assume you are using a 3rd party app as you had to reinstall Java?
If so, what app are you using to read your email?
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