Alpina Z1 RLE for sale

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Alpina Z1 RLE for sale

Post by Motorhead » Tue 14 Jan, 2014 09:19

Its in Japan and cost is more that £50k + VAT + shipping + customs + etc!
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Re: Alpina Z1 RLE for sale

Post by Racing Tortoise » Tue 14 Jan, 2014 16:49

Do all RLEs have those nasty wheelarch extensions?
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Re: Alpina Z1 RLE for sale

Post by Jet » Tue 14 Jan, 2014 18:16

The holy grail. What I wouldn't give......

Aches are importer fitted.

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Re: Alpina Z1 RLE for sale

Post by stu » Wed 15 Jan, 2014 20:05

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Re: Alpina Z1 RLE for sale

Post by Rodestarr » Sun 26 Jan, 2014 05:01 ... ct_id=1780

It has been sold. 5,000,000 JPY ~ 5,500,000 JPY
The importer NICOLE Automobiles attached the plastic fender lips with double sided tape for clearing Japan's regulation.
But they are removable.

Sun Auto Project sold a red RLE 33,000Km to Germany.

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Re: Alpina Z1 RLE for sale

Post by Green Genie » Sun 26 Jan, 2014 20:28

Is it just me?...The car comes with a hardtop but I can't see any mounting holes/points in the usual places, I'm sure that those with hardtops will be on to correct me if I'm wrong...maybe it's supplied with the car ready to fit?

Side indicator position looks a little odd!

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Re: Alpina Z1 RLE for sale

Post by sfh3l » Sun 02 Mar, 2014 16:48

Green Genie wrote:
Side indicator position looks a little odd!
Wouldn't kick it out of bed though, would you ?
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