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Pat Slade
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Z1 Art Graphics

Post by Pat Slade »

Hi All,

Wanted to let you know about Black Art Graphics who produce laser etched aluminium personalised technical drawings of cars.
They have, as yet, never produced a Z1 image and would require a measure of interest to establish a minimum order value before proceeding.
Each image can include chassis numbers, colour and trim options.
If you are interested please look at their excellent website to get an idea of the products.
The company is based in the Isle of Wight and we would need to find a car, preferably on the South Coast for them to photograph.
Could I suggest that anyone seriously interested either post something here or PM me and I will pursue this further.

Many thanks and Best regards

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Re: Z1 Art Graphics

Post by TJS »

Hi Pat, trust you are well.

I have three of the Black Art etchings and did ask them to produce a Z1 item as a private commission about 6 years ago. I provided them with the requisite details and various photographs but they never bounced the ball back. They can customise the base etching for those with different wheels and individual registration numbers ... for those who have a front number plate fitted !

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