Parts order from dealers not required - where do I stand?

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Parts order from dealers not required - where do I stand?

Post by Graeme » Tue 28 Sep, 2004 15:30

Silly question - this is a part that only costs a few quid but interested incase this had been something of more value - I have ordered some parts from the dealer, and subsequently discovered I no longer require 1 of the parts (side marker light).

They have had to order all the parts in, can anyone advise if I turn up and advise that I don't require this part if I have to buy this? Basically it was not formally requested in writing so am I well within my rights to just buy the parts I require, and more importantly would you just buy the bits to save upsetting the dealership??

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Post by Alfie » Tue 28 Sep, 2004 15:47

I would suggest that you have no legal obligation to buy.
You haven't given them any money yet, so they can't force you to pay.

If you had paid a deposit or the full amount in advance, you might have trouble getting it back.

If I were you, I'd be really polite and apologetic, and just tell them that you don't need it any more and would they mind terribly if you cancelled your order for that one part???? :oops: But you are still very grateful for all the hard work they have done to get you the other bits....
A bit of humility usually works!

I don't suppose it was nearside?
I've just ordered the same thing myself, and it's waiting for me to collect.... You should've mentioned it earlier!

Good luck.

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Post by garyw » Wed 29 Sep, 2004 21:55

I think its normally if the parts are ordered in Speciallly then a 10% surcharge is payable..But then they still have to get it don't they :roll: , but then again you may need their help later on :?

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Do you owe for parts not needed?

Post by pingu » Wed 06 Oct, 2004 23:07

It depends how you ordered them? Sounds daft, let me try to explain.

If you said: "I've got a rattle under the seat, what do you suggest?" and he says you want a new seat motor. You then find out that it was an old bottle of WD40 rattling around. He's to blame and you are in the clear. Proving what happened between you and the supplier is another matter!

On the other hand, if you specified to him that you wanted a seat motor, it's your mistake and you are liable for that mistake.

Top tip: if in doubt, explain the fault and get them to diagnose the cure.

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