Door Mirror Base

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Door Mirror Base

Post by Nad » Wed 29 Jan, 2014 12:52

The paint on my door mirror aluminium bases have blistered up, a common problem I think. I was thinking of painting the bases in black instead of the body colour, I just wondered what you all thought!
It would make it much easer to repaint if the aluminium were to bleed through again. :(

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Re: Door Mirror Base

Post by Southernboy » Wed 29 Jan, 2014 14:45

I'm not sure why these parts weren't properly anodised at the outset. I think the permanent answer to this issue is the aftermarket plastic ones from Germany.
They may be a tad pricey at eu22 each, but once fitted, they will end the blistering corrosion issue.
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Re: Door Mirror Base

Post by Koolflyer » Wed 29 Jan, 2014 20:18

Hi, yes blistering of the mirror base is a very common problem. Mine, and my friends Z3's both suffered the same problem. We have now refurbished both cars and really are as good as new. If I was you I would definately not paint them black for starters. I would prefer to keep them standard and I think more asthetically pleasing. It's a really easy job, door cards do not have to be removed as some would tell you. (Read other 'How to' posts on this forum). When the whole mirror is off sand the base to remove all the blistering, mask up and apply a good coating of ETCH primer. For my Zed which is Montreal Blue, I did actually get it made up at H**fords, and to be honest the match was spot on as you can see from my photos. A lick clear laquer to finish it off, and jobs a good'un! :D
A word of warning, Do not force at any cost or it will probably snap on the weak shaft! (£70 is the going rate for a second hand mirror, if you are lucky) Be very patient and try and soak the inside with a spray of WD40 or such like. Hands up, I was that impatient fool! :bawl:

Definately a job worth doing

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Re: Door Mirror Base

Post by BonBon » Sat 01 Feb, 2014 19:40

Just to clarify- you have another option to access the base bolts without turning the mirror. Look up how - but if you remove the mirror glass you can get to them by removing the mirror back casing.

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Re: Door Mirror Base

Post by Davejue1 » Sat 01 Feb, 2014 21:03

Be very careful twisting! Just cost me £100 for a second hand mirror. But sold my snapped one on eBay for £25 so recouped some of the cost. :)


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