What connects to these wires?

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What connects to these wires?

Post by RockyDave » Sat 08 Mar, 2014 22:11

What started off as a simple job, realigning the drivers side front bumper has thrown up an electrical question.

Using this thread (love the web address :D ) http://www.eatsleeptinker.com/2013/02/2 ... -adjusted/

it was a straightforward job to bring the bumper forward into alignment with the headlight.

However, with the inner wheel arch out of the way I noticed there was a pair of wires from the loom (green with a black thread and yellow) that also have connections to the horn and fog lights that were not connected to anything?

I have had a look through the Haynes Z3 manual but can't figure what the wires are meant to connect to, my only thought was the reference to twin horns on the Z3. My car has just has a single horn on the the drivers side. I will have a look at the passengers side tomorrow. :rtm:
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Re: What connects to these wires?

Post by Southernboy » Sun 09 Mar, 2014 02:24

May have been a connection for an alarm with flashing lights type set-up at sometime in the past... Alternately, it may be the wiring connections for the headlight washer option... ??
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Re: What connects to these wires?

Post by Mike Fishwick » Sun 09 Mar, 2014 10:27

The German DIN standard for wiring colour codes uses green/black for a fused supply from the ignition switch, and yellow for the dip beam supply.

This could be a supply intended for daytime running lights, which would be live when the ignition is turned on, earthing via the dip beams so that when the dipped headlamps are on, the DRLs are reverse biased and so are extinguished.
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