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Post by Alan W » Sat 17 Jan, 2015 17:37

For some time I have had the ABS and ASC light coming on together intermittently but for the last few months they have now both been on permanently.

Got the car hooked up to diagnostics today and found a few old faults which were cleared / reset... but one fault could not be reset

Fault code 71 ASC: Pump motor

Therefore I'm guessing that its either the pump itself that is defective OR the electronic module (brain) for the ASC is defective and wrongly thinks there is a problem with the pump?

I know that a problems with the module are reasonably common and I know you can send these off to get them tested / repaired.

Looking for some advice here really, what would be my first step and where do I go from here?

Thanks in advance

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Post by Jonco » Sat 17 Jan, 2015 18:24

Have you checked the fuse for the pump? Had a similar problem with Tufarlian's DSC last year reporting pump fail but it was blown fuse. Worth a try and a lot cheaper!

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Post by g8jka » Sat 17 Jan, 2015 22:16

See my post in the knowledgebase here.
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