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road holding

Post by rambo » Tue 09 Aug, 2016 16:56

Hi Guys
I've noticed recently that on a poor road surface the car tends to skitter around both at the front and back. It is a 1999 2.0 litre and has only covered 43,000 miles.
Any pointers as to what to look for please?

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Re: road holding

Post by Alan W » Tue 09 Aug, 2016 17:04

You most probably need a new set of tyres all round.. the car is well known for 'tramlining' and most owners find that a new set of tyres is the best solution. Google BMW Z3 tramlining
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Re: road holding

Post by mrscalex » Tue 09 Aug, 2016 17:47

I never drive fast enough to experience handling problems!

So I've never really understood exactly what's meant by tramlining. In fact it always sounds good news to me if a car goes round a bend like it's on rails!

But I have followed a few threads and know that tyres are invariably the first port of call. But it's not the only thing. Folk change suspension bushes and put strut braces on but usually there's a trade-off somewhere.

This is an old but good start thread.

Other owners often big up Falken tyres which are a reasonable price but are noted to be particularly suited to a Z3. I have a set that came into my position that I need to get round to fitting.
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Re: road holding

Post by Deano1712 » Tue 09 Aug, 2016 20:09

Could be rear shock absorbers. If they are old I would change them since they are not too expensive and easy to fit.
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Re: road holding

Post by NZ00Z3 » Tue 09 Aug, 2016 20:29

Front Axle:
- Replace front control arm rear bushings. Don't use OEM bushings. Use Z3M bushings, poly urethane or ... 2362c3d453
- How old are your tires? Had 10 year old tires on the front that caused handling problems. Put them on the rear and new ones on the front and problem solved.

Rear Axle:
- 17 year old rubber bushings are getting soft, even with your low milage. Change sub-frame bushings as you may be getting a bit or rear end steering. If the car is your daily drive and comfort is the priority, then use OEM rubber on the 2.0 L Z3. If you don't mind a bit of an increase in NVH and you are after a stiffer suspension, use Poly Uethane
- Check your rear shocks. The OE shocks don't last. Disconnect the bottom bolt and push/pull to see what sort of action you have left. There should be resistance in both directions from the oil valving. There should also be a gas charge that will force the shock to extend. If you can hold the shock compressed with just a little hand force, then it's stuffed.

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Re: road holding

Post by rambo » Thu 11 Aug, 2016 10:39

Thanks for the info guys. I'm sure it must be bushes or rear shocks so will have to get down and dirty to check

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