Rust compared to SLKs

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John Wilson
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Rust compared to SLKs

Post by John Wilson » Thu 08 Sep, 2016 21:08

I was talking to someone at work. He has an SLK from 2001. He is just getting a full respray because of rust problems. It's apparently all over, including between the skins in the bonnet. With Z3s you might get a bonnet respray because of road chips but not rust from inside (mine is a year older than his) The only internal rust that a Z3 seems to get is the sills and a bit on the small front side panel. So one up for the Zs (and they're better looking).

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Re: Rust compared to SLKs

Post by dennisedlin » Thu 08 Sep, 2016 21:12

Late 90's to early 2000's Mercs all suffer in the same way. Not sure what the cause is, but may be early water based paint being used or poor anti corrosion coating to the steel.
I've looked at lots of early SLK's and almost all of them are rusty.
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Re: Rust compared to SLKs

Post by lightning » Thu 08 Sep, 2016 21:20

Mercedes vans don't last and the older cars seem to rust quite badly.

I've never seen a Z3 with any more than superficial rust. Which is not bad considering the newest are now 13 years old.

Beemer Man
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Re: Rust compared to SLKs

Post by Beemer Man » Thu 08 Sep, 2016 22:41

My understanding of the Mercedes quality issues at that time (I had a year 2000 E-Class company car with all sorts of "un-Mercedes-like" problems) was that it was down to the Daimler Chrysler tie-up, where the Bean Counters ruled and cost-cutting was the order of the day, with the resultant decline in quality. The 1997 C-Class which preceded it was fine.

I declined to purchase the E-Class from the leasing company when I retired, and instead switched to ex-lease BMW 5-series as my daily driver-first a 520i E39 and then a 525i E60, which is now 12 years old and showing 131K miles, with not a spot of rust anywhere (apart from corroded rear brake pipes, which had to be replaced for last week's MOT!).

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Devon Z
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Re: Rust compared to SLKs

Post by Devon Z » Thu 08 Sep, 2016 22:42

I regularly see a blue SLK on AMG's at my local Asda on a private plate but there isn't a panel on it that doesn't have rust! All round the wheel arches, bottom of the doors! A friend of mine had a 2000 320 and it had rust in some strange places :shock:
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Re: Rust compared to SLKs

Post by Del » Thu 08 Sep, 2016 23:29

I’ve renovated my Z3 against rust. The only problem areas are 1) the ends of the outer sills – where it spreads inwards and downwards, 2) behind the front bottom (sill side corner) of the front quarter panels where there is a strengthening piece behind where dirt and moisture gets trapped and 3) the rear wings where they meet the sills. None is structural and it all seems to be caused by trapped dirt that builds up and holds moisture. All these parts bolt off much aiding total renovation. When you remove the sills, a bucket load of this “mud” falls out. Other panels, including inside the doors, seem to largely avoid rust. As said already, Mercs seem to have gone through a bad phase around 15-years ago with regard to build quality at which time many say BMW build quality was at its peak. :)

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