Another potentially silly question- fans

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Another potentially silly question- fans

Post by Agammemnon » Sun 22 Apr, 2018 19:14

On my 2002 2.2i I have an electric fan at the front of the radiator & a belt-driven one behind it.

Is this normal & is this necessary? I would have thought that the belt-driven fan saps power at speed when it's not needed so much & does less work when sat in traffic when its need would be greater.

Is it possible to remove the belt-driven fan & keep (possibly enlarge) the electric one?

One point that might be relevant is that I have aftermarket aircon.

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Re: Another potentially silly question- fans

Post by colb » Sun 22 Apr, 2018 21:27

Your aftermarket air con fan will be in front of the condensor rad and will be the electric fan.
The engine cooling fan should operate via its viscous coupling in the centre of the fan blades, it will only run when the coolant reaches a set temp which causes the viscous unit to engage and spin the blades. The fan will only spin when the temp dictates it to.
The couplings can fail, search the threads on here to see how you can test its operation.
You may find further threads on here from people who have deleted the coupling and fitted electric fans. ... Id=11_6214
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