Fecking 'ell !!!!

UK owners might be few and far between, but if you are a Z8 enthusiast you are welcome here

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Fecking 'ell !!!!

Post by Giles » Sun 02 Sep, 2012 21:51


I remember toying with buying one of these about 7 years ago for a measly £50 grand :shock: :shock:

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Re: Fecking 'ell !!!!

Post by Captain » Mon 03 Sep, 2012 06:37

Beautiful car, but that's a lot of money to pay. That would be 2 million Rand for us in South Africa :head:

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Re: Fecking 'ell !!!!

Post by daverave » Tue 04 Sep, 2012 16:13

Drove past their showroom every day for 10 years on my way to and from work. They always had a good selection of head turners but never once saw a Z8 :head: . Now in Spain so no chance :head:

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Re: Fecking 'ell !!!!

Post by chrisp_1 » Tue 04 Sep, 2012 16:50

I saw one similar for 200k a few weeks back :lol:

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