Whoopsie... I'm supposed to be selling her!

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Whoopsie... I'm supposed to be selling her!

Post by David » Thu 16 Apr, 2015 17:40

Sooooooo, I went into one of the local garages today for a chat. Two hours and £350 later Scarlett has a new set of pipes! SMH... This is what happens when you take women shopping!!!!

The smile on the mechanics face at the end says it all :)

Powerflow, Cat-back stainless system, with a lifetime Warranty :)

Needless to say, I now don't plan on selling Scarlett any time soon!
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Re: Whoopsie... I'm supposed to be selling her!

Post by Southernboy » Fri 17 Apr, 2015 06:42

Good news David !....... I think after all the investment you have made you should just keep on "restoring" Scarlett..... She's a good looking lady.. :wink:
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Re: Whoopsie... I'm supposed to be selling her!

Post by Koolflyer » Fri 17 Apr, 2015 07:08

Hi David, am I right that yours is a twin cat with the two pipes running parallel into the rear box? They do vary, as my 1997 2.8 has a single cat with one pipe leading to a mid box then onto the rear box. Matter of interest what diameter tale pipes did you decide on. To fit the aperture nicely we reckon about 2 3/4" to 3" pipes would be about right? Im fitting at SS cat back too. The twin pipes on yours look spot on.
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