Folding Garage or...........?

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Folding Garage or...........?

Post by Warrior » Thu 11 Feb, 2016 17:39

I've had Zeddy for around 4 years now and she's been washed, cleaned and given a decent coat of wax on a regular basis so has not been affected by being kept outside.

Apart from the green stuff on the hood and whatever the wind decides to blow up the garden now and again.

I've got a cover but reports suggest the downsides outweigh the ups so it's seen little use and to be honest as prices have dropped haven't previously considered spending more than needs be by way of a shelter.

Now i'm getting to think (but will stand corrected) that for my model at least, a 3.0i sport with just 42k on the clock, prices are likely to firm up and increase.

So i'm considering a pop up garage but will it need a dehumidifier to get the best benefit or is the whole idea a waste of time and money?

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Re: Folding Garage or...........?

Post by Pauly » Thu 11 Feb, 2016 21:51

I've used a folding garage for my Z3 for a couple of years now and have no trouble with damp at all. They are well ventilated and although expensive for a good one, they offer the convenience of being able to move them around when needed. I purchased mine from . Hope this helps. Cheers Pauly

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Re: Folding Garage or...........?

Post by bertiejaffa » Thu 11 Feb, 2016 22:12

Brian H uses some kind of pop up garage - looks impressive
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Re: Folding Garage or...........?

Post by Alfie » Thu 11 Feb, 2016 23:25

Graham (BIG MR P) uses a Carcoon and always sings its praises. Just take a look at his ///MR S50 and you can see why!

RED is currently in a garage that has an end panel missing, so it's little more than a car port.
It's not wet in there, but not exactly dry either, so I'm thinking of investing in one of these: ... r-car.aspx

The Z3 needs the 'small' size which retails at about £475 including fans and filters.
To my mind, it's better than a Carcoon because you can drive in and out easily.

If anyone else is interested, maybe we could swing a bit of a discount for a multi-buy to help protect our 'rapidly appreciating assets'...? :roll:


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