RE: Newbie to Z3's and cleaning properly

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RE: Newbie to Z3's and cleaning properly

Post by woodsta888 » Wed 29 Jun, 2011 14:25

Dear all,

I recently purchased a 99 2.0 Z3 for my better half. We were looking for something cheap to run and after looking and hating everything I asked what she wanted and she said a Z3 as she always wanted one.

Last weekend I washed and polished it with autoglym products and I overheard someone at the gym on about claying. he same person is lending me a full detailing kit by Maguiers.

Do I need to use a detergent that will take the polish off the paint that I applied last weekend to get the benefit of the clay removing the dirt from the actual paint underneath? Or do I just wash it with the shampoo meant to preserve finishes and clay the polish.

If I need to remove the polish can someone recommend a dedicated shampoo please.

Great forum by the way, I gleaned lots of knowledge about buying a Z3 from here leading to an informed and v happy purchase. My GF has told her freinds that she thinks I love the car more than her since we bought it! :o

Thanks in advance

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Post by Jewell » Wed 29 Jun, 2011 17:34

Do a search on Utube - "claying a car" - and you will get lots of practical advice which may help :P

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