Devastated -help needed asap

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Devastated -help needed asap

Post by Xenebee » Fri 27 Jan, 2017 21:43

Dearest Z3 owners
My 97 1.9 was hit at the rear wheel and was written off. I wanted to save her and get her back on the road, but the local mechanic told me the chassis was bent and to say goodbye, which I did. I only had her for 18 months....gutted.

My question is....I want to replace her, same specifications and colour etc. I have seen one, same year, 75k on the clock, but it's automatic! How many miles can I expect the automatic transmission gearbox to last, when it has 75k already?
I have itchy feet, but don't want to be heartbroken again, too soon, so how long can an automatic box last?
Thank you in advance

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Re: Devastated -help needed asap

Post by Gazza » Fri 27 Jan, 2017 22:27

BMW auto boxes are good so should last a while.

We had an auto 330ci on 105K no problems at all.

I would drive an auto before you decide to buy.

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Re: Devastated -help needed asap

Post by Del » Fri 27 Jan, 2017 22:47

These automatic boxes aren't like some of the less reliable ones fitted in some more modern Volkswagon Audi Group cars. They are pretty much bullet proof. Personally, I would have no worries at 75K miles

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Re: Devastated -help needed asap

Post by pingu » Fri 27 Jan, 2017 22:56

As long as the car is used it will be ok. I have an E46 auto that is rarely used and it's auto-box has problems until it has been used for a day or two.

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Re: Devastated -help needed asap

Post by therealdb1 » Fri 27 Jan, 2017 23:19

If it is a 97 car it will be a proper auto box with a torque converter not one of these modern so called auto boxes which are really manual gearboxes but some computer changes gear for you. The paddle gearshift normally gives these away!
The gearbox in a 1.9 will probably last longer than the rest of the car and 75k is nothing. There will no doubt be much more to worry about on a 20 year old car than the gearbox :(
However, take Gazza's advice and try before you buy.
Take out some insurance, if necessary, and have a thorough test drive not just to the end of the road and back.
The characteristics of the car with an automatic will be different to a manual and you may, or may not like it.
My daily driver is a non-BMW automatic and is fine as a means of transport but if you buy a 2 seat sports car presumably you enjoy the engagement of stirring the cogs.

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Re: Devastated -help needed asap

Post by Xenebee » Sat 28 Jan, 2017 09:02

Thank you all very much for your quick responses, and your very helpful advice.

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Re: Devastated -help needed asap

Post by gookah » Sat 28 Jan, 2017 18:52

not to be the bearer of bad news but we had a 1.9 auto, bought it and we found out that it had had a full gearbox rebuild. we didn't even keep it 6 months because we felt it still wasn't right and the warranty wasn't transferrable to us.
It was extremely clunky when changing gears

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Re: Devastated -(1.9L automatic transmission)

Post by BonBon » Sun 29 Jan, 2017 13:36

I am lightfooted (never drive in Sport mode to save petrol) and my Auto gear is still going strong (334kkm) - but started to show signs of slipping at 320kkm.
Update March 2017 - finally died at 347,000km.
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Re: Devastated -help needed asap

Post by Tilly » Sun 29 Jan, 2017 16:09

Our 1.9 auto is almost 20 years old, albeit with only 50,000 miles on the clock. Never had any problems with the auto. I am now going to admit to a very dangerous statement. On some occasions I prefer to drive it over the M Roadster. Maybe I am getting old or is it just too many restrictions on our roads?

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Re: Devastated -help needed asap

Post by BladeRunner919 » Sun 29 Jan, 2017 17:40

Can you buy the written-off car back and use it as a donor to swap the trans in the new car? It would be a very easy swap if you had both cars at the same time. Plus you'd have a spare engine at the end of, plus a load of spares (if you have the space to keep them).

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Re: Devastated -help needed asap

Post by spurs fan in a coupe » Sun 29 Jan, 2017 19:37

I've a 1.9 auto (r reg) that has had a passenger's side front corner impact if you do choose to try to keep your old car?

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Re: Devastated -help needed asap

Post by Juvvajuvva » Thu 02 Feb, 2017 18:40

Definitely agree, buy your car from your insurance company.
I have done this and if I'm not mistaken I paid them 10% of what
They payed out to me.In fact they just took it off my payment.
Torque converters can be remanufactured but those boxes are very good.
I have an early auto BMW with 160k miles and it is perfect.
However, I have changed it's oil twice in the last
100k. I feel this is the key to prolonging the life
of your box.
Perhaps drive the auto and see if you like the power delivery first and see then if is has any
Good luck.

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