2019 - Z3 gearshift surround trim.

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2019 - Z3 gearshift surround trim.

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Hello all.
Due to some renewed interest in the standard Z3 console gearshift surround trim, I will be making up 10 more of these.
2 are already accounted for, so just 8 will be available. I am aiming at having them ready to post in a couple of weeks - or thereabouts.
I am at the mercy of others who do their part in the manufacturing process. ( Laser cutting, cnc machining, chrome plating etc).
They will be supplied standard in bright chromed aluminium finish.
I can offer an alternative finish to the chrome plating if desired. This will be a coloured finish in anodised aluminium. I can't offer matching body colour blue /red etc etc.. If you want those colours, I can supply a "ready for painting" part, which you can have painted to match your car colour if that is the route you prefer. Obviously Black is quite easy as an anodised colour finish.
As regards appearance, they are identical to the Z3 M version surround, but with the shape to accommodate the standard console cut out shape.
It is extremely easy to fit, and takes just 10 minutes - about.

Back in 2015 I had these for sale here for £45 each excluding £15 for the chrome plating - so £60 including chrome plating and postage back then.
The new price will be £75 incl postage. PayPal preferred.

Anyone interested in purchasing, and would like to see some pics, please PM me your email addy, and I'll send you the pics I have.
I can confidently say that, the quality and finish is actually better than the Z3 M version since it is solid aluminium vs plastic. It is stronger, more durable and won't scuff / scratch like the plastic ones on the M car.
It provides a "completed" look to the console trim.
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